successIntroducing you to an experience that can powerfully change how you interact with people.

What makes this so valuable over the myriad of other programs and presentations you are asked to evaluate?  The answer is that it provides the tools for effectively communicating at every level of life.  Has your spouse ever felt like she is not being heard?  Do you have a real sense of what is going on in the heads of your children or grandchildren?  On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you gage your relationships at work or with your clients?  Are you discipling someone and unsure what they are accepting and what they are struggling with?

Coaching is not new!  Learning to intently listen without an agenda is!  The beauty of going through the CBMC Coaching process is that you learn how to listen intently, rely on the Lord to ask powerful open ended questions,  and do it all with the freedom to eliminate an agenda.  What is the result with this approach?

•The recipient of this process develops a sense of well being that they and their issues are truly the focus of the conversation.
•In the majority of cases, powerful open ended questions lead them to discover their own solutions or conclusions
•Their discoveries cause them to take ownership of their solutions or conclusions   
•That ownership greatly enhances the prospect for them to take successful actions steps towards the solutions to their issues

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The following are some comments from businessmen who attended  our last Coaching session:

Jonathan Searle – “Most of the time the person involved in the struggle has a better solution that I do to his issue. My role is to help him find the solution, not to solve his problem. This greatly relieves any stress going into a coaching conversation”Royce Sullivan – “The value at this time of the Coaching experience has been the focus on discovering the person of individuals in my life.  It is exciting to cultivate the Coaching skill and use it daily ”
Tom Adams – The coaching process helped me in “knowing how important being an encouragement is”
Jeff Adzima – The most significant item for me in the Coaching as the “whole approach to asking powerful questions”
Bob Sweeney - This is a “ great relationship tool for deepening friendships, business associations, and family ties by asking great questions that help others figure out their life/work/relationship issues without being given advice.  All of this in the light of Christ”
Tom Stephenson - "The course was invaluable to me. I think the core of this type of coaching is a practical manifestation of love. Caring enough about another person to listen to their heart and help them be all that they can be without judgement or selfish motives is Love personified. I have used the training a number of times and have one coachee now and expect a few more soon."