Our Team Welcomes you to San Diego CBMC

We are men in the marketplace living out our faith in vibrant, authentic relationships. We are guys just like you, trying our very best to honor Christ and glorify God. We’re Christian Business Men’s Connection.

Can CBMC help me CBMC_Pointslive out my faith at work, improve my marriage, and give me some business advice?

Chances are very good we can draw alongside you right now and help you get to where you want to be. Remember, Jesus didn’t come to save the “found” or the “perfect.” If you’re weighed down by the junk of everyday life, there is a man closer than you know who would consider it an answer to prayer to rally around you.

What does that look like for us in San Diego?

Check out our "Areas of Focus"

   --helping a man work through his business and personal issues and find his own solutions.
   --"gettting connected" with other men who love the game.    
   --Hearing someone share how faith in Christ has impacted their life.
   --a Roundtable of Businessmen focused on business solutions with Christian worldviews.
  --Walking alongside another man and discovering the promise of Christ together.
 Ministries We Encourage  --Other ministries and events that we value.